Solpod Solar Video Features at COP23 Climate Conference!

Solpod Solar Video Features at COP26 Climate Conference

The Solpod team are thrilled that a Solpod video about one of our installation sites was broadcast at COP26!  The video aired at the COP26 Australian Pavilion and features our CEO, James Larratt.

Mr Larratt says: “Solpod supports accelerated climate action with the transition to renewables being a major global priority. We are excited by the airing of the video about our solar pods at COP26.  Australian innovation and technology is already here that makes solar more accessible to businesses.”

COP26 (2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference) is asking for ambitious pledges towards net zero emissions by 2050.  A shift to renewable energy away from fossil fuels is a major shift urgently needed to keep climate change to within 1.5C.  The Australian Government supports technology and innovation that cost effectively reduces emissions, announcing the support for ultra low cost solar.

The Ministry for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction, Angus Taylor, said in an address at the Launch of the 2021 Low Emissions Technology Statement: “We see much greater potential for cost reductions in solar power than other sources of renewables.”

Our award winning Solpods use ground breaking technology that is available now for the commercial and industrial market.  Solpods are the world’s first re-deployable rooftop solar panels.  Solpods suit many businesses that were previously unable to commit to solar, as Solpods are relocatable, rapidly installed and available to rent or buy.

Images: Excerpts from Solpod Video 

Growth in Commercial and Industrial Solar

Matthew England wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald: “Australia is uniquely placed to reduce our carbon emissions and grow the economy at the same time. The amount of solar energy hitting our continent is one hundredfold the entire energy consumption of the planet, and 10,000 times our own consumption.”

An impressive three million Australian homes now have rooftop solar installed.  There is still great potential for businesses to generate clean energy and benefit from cheaper electricity bills.  Solar solutions are available now to help businesses meet corporate sustainability goals as well as deliver electricity cheaper than the grid.

The Clean Energy Council says Medium Scale Solar of between 100kW and 5MW, reported its second best year in 2020, with 117MW new capacity added.  The Clean Energy Council reports: “The rapid growth has been due to shopping centres, hospitals, schools and commercial buildings installing solar to take back control of their rising electricity costs and increasing their focus on sustainability.”

Our product range means that businesses can choose a solar product that’s right for them.  As Solpods are re-deployable, they suit businesses with large commercial and industrial rooftops that are unable to commit to a solar installation for 25 years.

Australian Made and Manufactured Solar

Solpods each use 10 utility grade solar PV panels that are assembled in a factory in Dandenong, Melbourne.  The Solpods are flat packed and trucked to site.  The pods are lifted to the rooftop via a crane, and secured to the rooftop using non-penetrating feet.

The prefabrication of the Solpods means that the installation process is highly efficient with minimal disruptions to our customers on site  A 100kW Solpod installation takes less than one day, compared to a standard solar installation that would take several weeks to complete.

We are proud that our Solpods are a fully Australian Made and manufactured solar product, helping to support Australian jobs and the Australian solar industry.  Australia has an opportunity to capitalise on our expertise in solar innovation and technology.  Mr Taylor said: “We know Australia’s smartest minds can move the dial. Today, 90% of solar panels use an Australian designed technology.”


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