Buying Australian Made Supports Covid-19 Economic Recovery

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Australian Made Campaign 

A renewables led recovery would support three times as many jobs as a gas/fossil fuel lead recovery, the ABC reported.  As a provider of Australian Made solar panel mounting solutions, Solpod promotes Australian Made, helping to create jobs and supporting Australian innovation.

Australian Made Ltd has launched a new campaign “Buy Australian Now and Support Aussie Jobs,” encouraging customers to consider their purchasing choices and support Australian manufacturing and industry.

“Solpod are the only Australian Made manufacturer of solar mounting solutions.  We find ourselves in the middle of the two major trends for economic recovery: Australian Made; and renewables,” noted James Larratt, CEO, Solpod.

Now is a critical time to choose Australian Made.  Manufacturing jobs have dropped by 50,000 since the start of the pandemic, now employing 843,900 people. If consumers spent $50 a week on Australian Made products, Australia’s economy would receive a $30 billion boost, the Daily Mercury reported.

Ben Lazzaro, the Chief Executive of Australian Made says: “The pandemic has caused the many benefits of buying Australian Made to be brought into sharp focus, and there has been a significant increase in consumer appetite for Aussie products.”

As Melbourne emerges from the Covid-19 lockdown, choosing an Australian Made green recovery would support jobs growth and economic recovery.

“For decades the Australian Made logo has helped consumers to exercise their preference for local and identify genuine Aussie products, so it’s no surprise that more and more brands are choosing to promote their Australian credentials this way,” Ben Lazzaro says.

“We encourage all businesses to save with solar, reducing their carbon footprint, and supporting Australian manufacturing.  There has never been a better time to choose solar,”  says Larratt.

Australian Made Solar Mounting Products

Solpod produces Australian Made and manufactured rooftop solar and mounting solutions.  Solpod was recently featured in Manufacturers’ Monthly, showcasing our newly released solar mounting solution being marketed by the German based Schletter.

The solar mounting solution, also known as Solpod Mini, will be marketed by Schletter as Schletter Eco Commercial Tilt (SECT).

The Managing Director of Schletter Australia, Trevor De Vries, says: “With our global leadership and German engineering heritage, Schletter are considered a premium solution within the solar mounting systems space. Our partnership with Solpod on SECT is a wonderful endorsement of Australian innovation and manufacturing and adds real depth to our product portfolio.”

Solpod Mini Installation

The Solpod Mini / SECT product range is versatile, able to be orientated in a north-facing, east-west and flush direction using the same components.

Solpod signed an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OAM) agreement with Schletter.  Manufacturer’s Monthly reports: “The agreement demonstrates the competitiveness of Australian innovation and manufacturing, and enables the solar industry to create more jobs for the economy.”

Australian Made Solar

Solpod developed the world’s first re-deployable rooftop solar.   Suitable for commercial and industrial rooftops, Solpod’s solar pods are rapidly installed using cranes.  Our customers appreciate the ability to redeploy the panels at a future time if circumstances dictate.

The ability to relocate the solar pods means that Solpod can offer customers the option of renting the systems.  Only a short-term commitment is needed to benefit from Solpod, rather than 15+ years as per standard solar.

Solpods are assembled in a factory in Dandenong, South East Melbourne, an area well regarded for its manufacturing.  Find out more about our innovative Australian Made solar product on the Australian Made website.

See the below video that demonstrates a Solpod installation in Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong, Melbourne.

To find out more about Solpod’s new solar roof mounting solution or our rapid install solar pods, please contact or call +03 9089 0753.