100kW Rooftop Solar Installations in 4 Hours

Rapid Install Solar

Solpod delivers an extremely efficient rooftop solar installation service.  A 100kW Solpod rooftop solar system takes only four hours to install using a crane, minimising disruption to our customers on site.

A ‘Solpod’ is a prefabricated group of solar PV panels assembled into a pod.  Each solar pod has a 4.6kW capacity.  The pods are assembled in a factory and lifted to the roof via a crane.  Each pod takes approximately 10 minutes to lift.  The pods are secured to the roof using adhesive feet.

Our customers appreciate our solar pods being installed in less than one day, as opposed to several weeks required of a standard 100kW solar installation.

Solpod also uses world first, patented technology that enable the solar pods to be efficiently removed and redeployed if circumstances require it.  Standard solar systems are permanent roof fixtures and not easily removed.

See Solpod Roof for more information about this groundbreaking product.

100kW Solar Installs Around Australia

The short video below highlights examples of buildings with 100kW rapidly installed Solpod systems:

A 100 kW sized rooftop solar system is a popular choice for our customers.  The video shows 100kW Solpod installs on building across Australia, including: Parkmore Shopping Centre (GPT) in Keysborough, Melbourne; Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong, Melbourne (GPT); Marley Spoon (GPT) in Altona North Melbourne; Norton Plaza (GPT) in Leichardt, Sydney; Bentspoke Brewery in Braddon, Canberra; Colonial Brewery in Port Melbourne; Queanbeyan (NSW Government) in Sydney, Stanhope Gardens Village in Sydney (Mirvac); Quad 1 (GPT) at Sydney Olympic Park; Quad 4 (GPT), Workplace 6 Google Headquarters (GPT) in Pyrmont, Sydney.

100 kW on Colonial Brewery

In late 2020, Solpod installed a 100kW solar system on the roof of Colonial Brewery in Port Melbourne.  Solpod’s rapid install solar pods appealed to the Melbourne brewer, preferring an efficient solar installation with minimal impact to their production.

Ash Hazell is the Head Brewer at Colonial Brewery.  He said: “The pods that they build mean that they can be installed in a single day, which is really important to us cause it won’t disrupt our production, just in time for summer when we can have a heap of sun and a heap of beer flowing.”

Image: 100 kW Solpod Solar System on Colonial Brewery

Solpod is proud of being able to better meet the needs of businesses through our innovative solar products.  James Larratt, the CEO of Solpod, said: “Our point of difference is that we install in a day what normally takes weeks. And we can easily come and relocate it if they ever decide they want to move the brewery.”

Our Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured in a factory in Dandenong, Melbourne.  To find out more about Solpod’s rapid install solar pods or other solar products on offer please contact info@solpod.com.au or call + 03 9089 0753.